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  • kubona offers 90 days warranty on most items purchased.
  • kubona offers 7 days refunds on all wrongly shipped or received damaged prepaid items only. Pay-on-Delivery items are eligible to Store Credits or Exchanges only within 7 days.
  • We use third-party logistics partners for Pay-on-Delivery transactions and in most cases, we may not receive your payment for up-to two weeks. Unfortunately until your payment is received from our logistics partners we cannot process exchanges or store credits for Pay-on-Delivery Transactions.

Delivery & Returns

  • Lagos Delivery is 1-3 Business Days, Outside Lagos is 3-7 Business Days.
  • You may also visit our Lagos Wareshouse to shop in-person.
  • Refunds are applicable to all pre-paid (bank transfer) items received wrongly or damaged within 7 days of delivery or pickup. Pay-on-Delivery transactions are only eligible to store credits within 7 days.
  • No refund is available for Pay-on-Delivery purchases. Exchange is only available within 7 days.

Payment on Delivery

  • Payment can be made before or on delivery Nationwide.
  • Payment on Delivery is applicable to Products Over=N= 10,000 only.
  • We may refuse you Payment on Delivery services if you have an history of frequent rejection or cancellations with us.

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